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Bacopa monnieri, nir brahmi plant for sale
Bacopa monnieri, nir brahmi, medicinal plantBacopa monnieri flower, nir brahmi flower, medicinal plant
Purchase Bacopa monnieri, nir brahmi plant for Rs 99 only , price includes home delivery charges all over India

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Seedlings india Brahmi Herbal & Medicinal live plant by Seedlings india
Price: 499.00 incl. GST + 60.00 Delivery charge

Vamsha Nature Care Ayurvedic Medicine Bacopa Monnieri, Neer Brahmi Live Plant - Rs 299

Plants & Pots Brahmi Plant with Plastic Pot
Price: 287.00 incl. GST + 70.00 Delivery charge Details

  • Bacopa monnieri, nir brahmi plant plant with roots for sale
  • Purchase a low maintenance Bacopa monnieri, nir brahmi plant for your garden or balcony
  • Fast growing plant, many medicinal applications
  • Easy to grow, grows best when well watered, grows best in the monsoon
  • Will survive for a few days without regular watering
  • Ideal plant for home/kitchen garden for those who travel and cannot water their garden regularly
  • The plant can be used for decoration and is an ideal ground cover, or for fencing.
  • Can also be used in aquariums
  • Small plant with roots provided as the plant will grow quickly after putting it in a pot with mud covering the lower part
  • Length of plant will be at least 10 cm, plant will grow quickly in the right soil
  • Bacopa monnieri, nir brahmi plant will be supplied in a plastic bag with some water
  • Plant should be placed in a pot with mud to cover the lower end or aquarium
  • Plant should be watered daily for a few days after replanting
  • Plant may wilt if not watered well, especially during summer
  • It will take approximately 10-15 days for the plant to get new leaves after being repotted, if watered daily
  • Plant will be sent by speed post or courier within 48 hours of receiving payment on weekdays, please note that shipping on weekends(Saturday, Sunday), public holidays is not possible due to holidays of courier companies, postal services . Speed post/courier details will be sent within 72 hours of shipping. Please send an email if you do not receive courier details
  • Ideal for shielding against high radiation levels, insulating the home, reducing pollution levels, for medicinal use
Cheapest price online in India
Money back offer less shipping charges of Rs 49 offered to buyers who are not satisfied with the purchase
Please note that no pot will be provided, the plant with roots is supplied in a plastic bag, to keep prices low.
Free advice and help for growing the plant offered

Price for 1 Bacopa monnieri, nir brahmi, (including shipping only in India) : Rs 99

Offline payment options :
Cheque payment
Money order
Bank transfer
Wallet/online payment option available on request Shipping charges reduced for bulk orders, quantity more than 1 . Prices are cheaper than that offered online on Amazon, plantsguru, nurserylive and any other Indian website. Most of the indian plant websites do not have the plant in stock, or the price is higher
Marketing agencies, websites, interior decorators, landscapers interested in purchasing these plants in bulk, please send details to for more information

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