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Purchase Bacopa monnieri, nir brahmi plant for Rs 99 only , price includes home delivery charges all over India

The human brain is a complex structure consisting of millions of neurons and cells, the functioning of which is not clearly understood. Many of the brain cells are closely related to memory. The memory can be classified broadly into short term memory of recent events and long term memory. The memory of a person is one of the unique features of the individual and usually remains private.

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Also in all cases of surveillance, if no proof is found in a few months or few years, the person under surveillance is left alone, so that she can lead a normal life like other citizens. In 2019, it is clear that the engineer is not related to any government employee, she is only a small business owner, and ntro should stop robbing her memory without a legally valid reason, since it is a clear case of discrimination, denial of fundamental rights, business fraud

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